Color Lab July 2021

Welcome to July's Color Lab!

This is where I choose three colors and create a harmonious color palette. That means all the colors I create will go together.

You will have access to:

  • A video explaining the color creation process
  • A printable color palette and color wheel in CMYK which is perfect for your inkjet printer
  • A step-by-step DIY color palette flip book to create an endless number of color combinations


I made a flip book of the colors in this month's color palette. This is a fun way to create harmonious and stylish color combinations for your outfits and for your home decor.

Below is a quick video of the flip book, instructions on how to use the flip book and then step-by-step instructions on how to make your own flip book.

I can't wait to see what you create!

How To Make Your Color Palette Flip Book

STEP 1: Print your PDF onto sticker paper using your inkjet printer. You don't have to use sticker paper. I like sticker paper because it makes sticking the printed pieces onto heavier paper much faster.


STEP 2: Stick your printed sheets to heavier paper. I used Bristol Board to stick my printed paper to.

If you aren't using sticker paper, you can use a glue stick.


STEP 3: Cut out your strips of color. You can choose to ignore colors you don't like. I used a metal ruler, exacto knife and cutting board. Scissors will work well or even a cutting board.


STEP 4: Punch holes across the top of your strips. Do one first and treat it as a template for the rest. Make sure you punch 2 holes for each "card". Six holes total.

You can use a hole punch for this step.


STEP 5: Make sure you add one plain thick strip as a cover and as a back to stabilize your flip book.

Using yarn or thick string, loosely tie a loop through each hole. You could also use D-rings.


STEP 6: Cut along the lines for each strip, creating 3 "cards" for each color. Do not cut your cover and back sheet.