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"This is the most helpful guide for using your colors I have ever seen."

"I love all my Bright & Warm colors, but until I used the guide I found it difficult to put the colors together. Jen's pictures of outfits using the colors helps me look in my closet and see exactly what I need or what I have and how to use it. This is the most helpful guide for using your colors I have ever seen. Also its so handy, just download on ipad or phone and carry with you shopping. Like a personal stylist."


"I feel so much like myself."

I wanted to say thank you and how pleased I am with my color style report. I’ve been wearing a capsule wardrobe of neutral colors - black, white, tans, blue and grey. Turns out I’m bright warm medium. I revamped my entire wardrobe to the colors you suggested and I’m shocked.

First - I’m so much more approachable. Mr neighbor who I’ve never talked to in 7 years - sat in the porch and drank wine with me for hours the other night. Me in my cream colored top and warm grey pants!! I’ve met new friends and people are so much warmer to me. It’s amazing - and I feel warmer too - which helps.

I was writing in my diary about it. I said “I feel so much like myself. I feel softer, prettier, sophisticated and elegant. It’s a huge difference”

So amazing. Thank you a million times. It’s a fantastic product 💗

~ Carrie C.

"Thanks Jen ! Yep....the [guide] is very "me." I love the style guide. many great color combinations I would not have thought of and I'm having fun shopping my closet with new "eyes".

You are amazing and inspiring. Thank you for your insight and help."

~ Pam