Jen's Case Study: Editing My Wardrobe

I used my printed color swatches to edit my wardrobe.

I found the full uncut sheets easy to use when scanning and identifying a color range.

I found cutting the sheets into strips a little bit easier to hold the colors up to the item of clothing.

The individual swatches were good too but there was just too many of them and I kept losing track.

So, if you want to cut down the sheets, I recommend only cutting down to horizontal strips.

Some of my clothes matched my color swatches perfectly.

I also discovered that several items of clothing did not fit into my bright color palette. They ended up matching some of the soft and cool colors. Below, I'm showing the bright colors against my soft and cool sweaters. FYI, I am bright warm and light, so these soft cool colors aren't the best for me. I will likely get rid of the sweater on the left.

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